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First of all, I think both beatboxers did extremely well. They were confident, powerful, and really demonstrated what it meant to be a US champ.

I think Mark took the first round. It was original and clean. However, I don’t think he won by too much. He won that round, but it was a pretty tight battle. Second round, Trung Bao swept it. He was technical, strong, clean, and showed amazing stage presence. Based off that, I really don’t think a third round was necessary. However, the judges did so let’s go from there. It was a tight round but I think Mark took it. Trung Bao kinda lost his flow midway through and his sounds got a little sloppy, wheres Mark stayed clean and flowed well.

Honestly, the battle was so tight that either one could have taken it and I would have been fine. It¬†really came down to the judge’s preference: musicality vs technicality. And I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer for that.