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Hello, AreLo here and I would like to give you some feedback.
Sorry if the reply is late but i would like talk about some stuff i think you should focus on.

I’ll speak about some stuff i recommend you focus on and somethings you did well.

A couple of the compliments.
You have a decent tempo working for before and after the transitions, good voice impression, and pick in the old fashioned beats.

As for things that need a bit of work.
First cleanse in the beats. There is the presence of air that was presence the made the empty space ineffective.
Power of your PF snares is also another thing that need work. Focus on the clarity on the sound itself.
Also transitions need some modifications, i recommend trying to find a rhythm that can fit in a transition. Find music that you can listen and try to copy, Try something that you can handle and work for it.
Also the bass line, if its a deep voice or a throat bass, focus on opening up tone and dropping the jaw. The throat bass needs to acquire some raspy and dark substance you must acquire.
If you want provide more melody, separate the percussion and the bass line and practice one at a time then combine it so it can sound cleaner.
And the excessive air sound effect requires some work, it can be an effective sound through your beats. Try to play with it as much as you can.

This is a late reply so you might gotten better, but i hope this helps/
Remember to practice, practice and practice.