John Spinale

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On average, I typically will practice a sound for at least 2 days straight, about 2-3 hours a day, scattered. I’ll never practice a sound for longer than 20 minutes at a time (especially if it produces an uncomfortable feeling somewhere, I’ll usually give my body extra time to get used to the feeling, such as the jaw feeling I experienced while learning basic liprolls.) Once it somewhat resembles the actual sound, I’ll try to incorporate it into beats, usually beats that highlight the new sound work the best for me, but the beat you use really depends on whether it’s more of a kick, a snare, hi-hat, or other. Also, while integrating the sound into beats, I practice the sound by itself (not in a beat) for another hour ish throughout the day.

Hope this helps!
Also I’m from the Boston area, would love to jam sometime!!

Teach me anything. I love anything and everything about beatbox, except dead crowds, weak sound systems, and dry mouth.
Boston, MA, USA