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Thanks Allotrope!

I completely agree, however it is more up to our music director than it is me when it comes to the competitions. Though I will say Lipsense lipsticks, while they don’t last 100% so far last the best out of any lipstick I have tried so far! They’re kinda pricey but my aunt got me a color similar enough to our uniform lipstick that it’d work.

Red lips have just always been our tradition, and when we competed last year, there was one song where I was singing rather than doing beats and therefore didn’t use a mic (only for the first round of competition) which meant that I had to because people could see my lips (to an extent anyway). I’ve built up a tolerance and am way more used to it now than ever before, but the sound is slightly better without lipstick. I will definitely fight harder for no lipstick this coming year if there are beats for our whole set but considering our past and how our group is known for red ties and red lips, it’s a kind of difficult thing to argue, especially when when you’re arguing with someone who doesn’t really understand the physics of vocal percussion haha. But that was definitely helpful, thank you!!