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The shape of your mouth will affect the notes and tones too a degree but normally it’s just cos your mouth is uncoordinated and takes a little while to develop the muscle movement for most to learn certain sounds…unless you’re disfigured or have some kind unusual medical or physical problem u should be able to learn any usually…best advice i can give is practice everywhere you are able to as much as you are able…& watch every tutorial u can on the sounds u are having difficulty with just incase just one out of 20 explains it a way u get it.

…this happened to for me with k rimshots…i could do the inwards kl rimshot but couldn’t get my toungue doing a inwards kah or keh sound without it becoming a snare instead for a while until i saw just one video that went into the detail i needed to understand….turns out the way i pronounced a normal k comes from a different toungue position than most people funnily enough, only slightly further back so i wasn’t touching the roof of my mouth in the right position.

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