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Yeah you might need to boost your confidence mate, usually it gets better when u’ve done it alot unless u are some arrogant bloke folks avoid but you seem humble enough to me asking this kinda question lol…I’ll give you the general gist of how i go about it usually, meeting new ppl is never really out of my comfort zone and i find it easy enough to get convo’s going on the most part…

…usually i’d first start off by saying hey or hi, etc and introduce urself tell them it’s nice to meet them and stuff, the usual greeting stuff lol, ppl feel more comfortable in general around polite and respectful ppl on the most part imo, then ask them something like, “been doing this long?”, “u come far for this event?”, then follow up if they seem interested enough to talk and ask them if you could hear sum of their skills if it’s kool with them (prolly don’t need to say this but u never know, make sure u don’t tell them they are crap afterwards or need too much improvement, if they ask for any tips feel free to give them sum constructive criticism but don’t go overboard, before u get to know them better atleast lol) and generally if they are cool they should ask to hear sum of your skills back or continue the convo n it goes from there fairly easily i’ve found. Ofcourse sum people are shy, so if they don’t ask to hear ur skills u can ask further if they wanted to jam together and if u can hit them up on sum social media app to get their advice on stuff or if they wanted any tips, etc …sum might not be that interested still but nevermind those ones lol, just move on and just like with women, there are plenty more fish in the sea, but generally it’s usually fairly good odds of striking up a jam or convo about beatboxin at an event than picking up a girl.

Hope ya able to figure sumthing out anyway …i used to be shy in highschool but i changed mentality at about 16/17, i just started thinking if i try going out out of my comfort zone to meet ppl or try new things i won’t really have lost anything even if i fail …if anything i can sometimes take away sum knowledge of sum different situations and gain a little experience …ofc this doesn’t apply to everything but, works for less invested scenarios such as these ones…u could lose ur life trying new things like sky diving or marriage for instance, so failing there can come at a cost lol

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