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Open Hi-hat

The open hi-hat is the replication of the opening of the hi-hat cymbals, which creates a residual hi-hat sound that will add depth to your routine. This may be done both inward and outward.

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

Outward open hi-hat: { ts }

Inward open hi-hat: { ^tsh }

How it's done

Outward open hi-hat

  1. Make a simple t sound but have your teeth lightly closed.
  2. Move the tip of your tongue forward behind your front teeth for a thin hat sound and to the traditional t position for a heavy hat sound.
  3. Breathe out for longer to create the open hat sound.

Inward open hi-hat

The inward hi-hat sound is a combination of two sounds - the closed hi-hat { t } and { s }. As you are breathing in it is notated with a { ^ } and a { h } to become { ^tsh }

  1. Start with your tongue on your alveolar ridge (space between roof of the mouth and top of your teeth)
  2. Draw your tongue down and towards the back into your mouth whilst breathing in.

Inward open hi-hat tutorial

Outward open hi-hat tutorial

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