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Basic Hi Hat

These are the most simple hi hat sounds, which replicate a closed hi hat.

The closed hat is part of the staple kick, hat and snare used as the basis of most beats. It might be worth practicing doing many closed hat sounds in a row to get your speed and accuracy up. These can be done in several ways, coupled with small variants to enhance your beats. Hi hats are essential to any beat, filling in the space between your kick drums and snares.

Pro tip: Try to vary your hi hat volume to create a groove and experiment with syncopation!

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ t }

How it's done:

  1. The basic hi hat is done by making the "t" sound as if you were saying "hat" or "cat."
  2. Remove the vocalization and focus on strengthening the consonant sound of "t"
    1. You may create this sound by breathing outward or just building pressure in your mouth and releasing a short burst of air
  3. Follow through with an "s" sound to create an open hi hat effect

Video tutorial:



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