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Egg Shaker

The egg shaker is a common shaker that is in the shape of an egg. It is usually plastic and filled with beads and fits snugly in the palm of the hand to give a mellow sounding rhythm section.

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ chsh }

How it's done

The egg shaker is comprised of two sounds made one after the other { ch } and then { sh }. The first emulates the push of the shaker and the other, the pull of the shaker (i.e. moving the shaker forwards and backwards).

How to do the sh sound

  1. To make this sound first say 'suka' (yes, like sucker).
  2. Remove the vocalization it so it becomes 'sk' (it should still sound like two sounds 's' and 'k').
  3. Finally try replacing the 's' with 'sh'

How to do the ch sound

  1. To make the push sound, all you need to do is make a gentle unvocalised { ch } sound like you're saying the words "chive" or "child"
  2. To make the pull sound is simply a { sh } sound that starts off quietly and then gets louder, then quiet again - { shSHsh }.
  3. Put the two together and you get { ch shSHsh } but we notate it as { chsh }.

Video tutorial

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