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Inward Hollow Snare

The inward hollow snare is a slightly twangy snare made by a short vocalized gasp of air. It is also a variant of the cough snare, but done by making a slight vocalizing while breathing in. The inward hollow snare is an inward cough snare with an added 'sh' or aspirated 'w' sound.

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ ^ish }

How it's done

To make the Inward Hollow Snare properly you combine two sounds:

  1.  A sharp vocalized intake of breath - the sound people make when surprised by something (Inward Cough Snare)
  2.  A 'sh' or aspirated 'w' sound made by sucking air in through your teeth or with your mouth pursed in an 'oo' shape.

When you make this sound you fill your lungs with air and this means you are in effect taking a breath at the same time.

To make the { sh } sound:

  1. Bend your tongue so the tip is pointing towards the roof of the mouth.
  2. The sides of your tongue should be touching both sides of your upper teeth
  3. The tip of your tongue should be leaving a space between it, and the roof of your mouth (roughly so you can fit your finger between them)!
  4. Now when your tongue is pointing to the roof of your mouth, when you execute the snare, the air rushing past your tongue combined with the vocal cough, both go together to create a nice " hollow effect"
  5. Adjust the length of air you suck in to how long you want the snare to last.


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