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Reverse Dry Kick

This is a reverse human beatbox kick drum sound. Unlike other reverse sounds, this one is not made whilst breathing in. The reverse kick goes well with the reverse snare or hi-hat for breakdowns.

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ vd }

How it's done

  1. Sound the word Vud. It probably sounded like vuda.
  2. Now start of slowly and speed up throughout the sound.
  3. End with your mouth in the starting postion of d. Do not follow through with the whole d sound.

Of course can make this sound unvocalised by sounding the word { fd } but again, only pronounce the very beginning of the d sound.

You can improve this sound by doing a tongue flick upwards at the end of the sound to create a click. To do this, start with the tip of your tongue on the soft gum below your lower front teeth and press hard. Then, allow your tongue to slide upwards such that it hits the hard gum above your top front teeth. This will create a quiet but audible click/slap.

The sound can be aspirated or unaspirated.

Video tutorial


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