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Reverse Open Hi-hat

The reverse open hi-hat is a basic sound that can act both as a sweep and a nice filler effect.

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ ^shd }

How it's done

  1. Position your mouth as if you are going to say the letter E, S or L (or somewhere between them).
  2. Keep your tongue in position and breathe in. The air rushing in will make a sound.
  3. Okay, now do it starting off breathing in slowly and speed up to full speed. The sound will get louder. At the loudest point as you are breathing in, simply close your mouth quickly.

An alternative to quickly closing your mouth is to start off with the tip of your tongue down low. At the end of the sound quickly flick your tongue upwards as if you were going to say the letter D.

Video tutorial

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