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Subwoofer Lip Roll

The subwoofer lip roll is a powerful technique that activates the subwoofer bass of an audio system through an inward lip roll.

This sound is fairly inaudible to the naked ear, which is why it's best conducted with a mic and a powerful audio system. When practicing, you may practice it by placing your hand against your ear, opposite to your liproll side, or use a headphone with monitors.

How it's done

Pro tip: Master the basic lip roll for full effect!

  1. Make sure that your lips are moist
  2. Open your jaw (on your lip roll side) as wide as you can without losing the lip roll
  3. Place your tongue low and away from the lip roll side to create the most space in your mouth as possible
  4. Try to keep the vibration of your lips as slow and slight as possible!

Video tutorials

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