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Throat Bass

The throat bass, also known as the robot voice, is a bass sound created by a slow vibration of your vocal chords. This sound was popularized by the likes of Rahzel and stands as one of the core sounds for beatboxers today.

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ BNN }

How it's done

Pro tip: Be sure to note that the throat bass will make your throat uncomfortable at first. If you're experiencing any pain, stop and wait for it to heal so you don't damage anything serious. Also be sure to drink lots of water!

  1. Start off by wheezing or coughing, which will help you locate the part of your throat to focus on
  2. Focusing on that part of the throat, create and hold out the sound for a longer period of time
  3. Once you feel that vibration and slight rumbling, continue building strength and volume
  4. Add some vocalization of your regular voice and combine it with the rumbling to create a bassy sound
  5. Drop your jaw and create more space in your mouth to reach further back in your throat and create a deeper sound
  6. Practice, practice, rest, and practice some more!

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