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Tooth Chirp

The Tooth Chirp is a high pitch sound created when the tongue pushes air between the teeth and lips. This is a non-breathing sound and the pitch can be modulated with the lips. 

The sound can be described as a bird chirp or the sound of rubber shoes rubbing a polished floor. The sound can be elongated or kept very short. The tongue causes an oscillation through the teeth, so a solid note is not achievable with this technique.

How it's done

  1. Position your tongue so the tip is right behind the top two front teeth like you are doing a Hi Hat. 
  2. Lower the middle of your tongue so there is air resting in the middle of the tongue. All sides of the tongue should be cupping the top of your mouth.
  3. Push the air through the tip of your tongue through the narrow gap between the top of your front teeth and the gums. This is done just through the tongue muscles, no lung power.
  4. Position your upper lips so the upper front teeth are covered. Play with positioning while pushing the air out to get a chirp. 

Video Tutorial:

Tooth Chirp Tutorial

Beatboxer Beatfox Using the Tooth Chirp

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