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This sound is the replication of the trumpet sound done through the vibration of the teeth or the lips caused by a forced vocalization. This sound is great to add a melody to your beatbox routine.

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ Brm }

How it's done

There are two main ways of doing the trumpet sound: using your top teeth to vibrate against your bottom lip or using your lips strictly on one side of your mouth.

  1. Hum falsetto (that's high pitched - like Mickey Mouse)
  2. Put your top teeth over your bottom lip and make a slight smile OR create a small space between your lips on either your right or left side of your mouth
  3. Sing in your falsetto voice while forcefully pushing out air
  4. Add a loose lip oscillation or uvular oscillation to create a vibrato effect
  5. Close your eyes, let rip and pretend you are Louis Armstrong

Pro tip: Spice up your sound by using uvular oscillations and vocal scratches!

Tom Thum's video tutorial

Quick tutorial by 80Fitz

Other helpful tutorials

Orthobox's tutorial using the teeth 

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