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Water Drop

This is the replication of the sound of a water dropping into a larger body of water, creating this light and springy noise. The unvocalized waterdrop is a very fun sound to do and once you get the hang of the tricky whistling it's pretty simple to drop into beats.

How it's done

Learn to whistle without using any air from your lungs. This is done by pushing air past your lips using your tongue

  1. Either flick your cheek or make some kind of clicking sound - a standard click or a tongue clop works best
  2. Immediately after making the initial sound (the flick or click) do the whistle inwards then outwards quickly. This will get the sound for you. To work out the exact position your lips should be in, watch the video!
  3. Because this is unvocalized you can do this while humming

Video tutorial

Other helpful tutorials

TylaDubya's Waterdrop Tutorial

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