American Beatbox Championships 2016 Loop Station Battle: Gene vs Darian

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    With the start of the American Beatbox Championship Videos coming out, I figured it’d be great to get everyone’s thoughts on these battles.

    This was one of the most interesting battles of the event, because of the differences in style. We have Gene bringing his groovy, chill style with the simplistic beats. Then we have Darian bringing his stage presence with an old school hip hop style. There were some controversial thoughts on his performance. I think the thumbnail picture says it all about their styles.

    I’d love to know what y’all think.



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    I think Darian deserved the win. Although I think there are some things he definitely needs to work on, his style really brought back a vibe in the crowd that we haven’t had in a while. Gene was very consistent throughout the two rounds and had a very smooth group but I think Darian’s originality reminded us of the past in a warm way. Great battle overall though from both sides!

    Crosswalks fear me.



    Jon Park

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    Was such a tough battle. Gene’s routines were more technically complex, but Darian had a lot more going from him. His showmanship, energy, and execution tipped him over the top – loved the hiphop groove too! super dope

    Jon Park

    R u enjoy?

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