Can't get the Slizzer Roll

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    I’ve been trying for awhile now and I can’t get it down. Any advice?


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    Sorry if this is a bit weak, it’s pretty hard to explain because I didn’t really learn any of the click roll variations from anyone, I’ve always been able to do them.

    Now, what differentiates the Slizzer roll from the regular breathing in click roll is the fact that the regular click roll has the tongue at a far more relaxed position so that you can get a mix of air and oscillation. When you’re trying to do the Slizzer roll, you want to avoid the air all together. With the way I do it, my tongue is more in the regular non breathing in click roll position and I simply suck in so I just get clicks.

    Make sure you can do a regular click roll with no air from the side of the tongue, by the way.

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