D-Low's Beatbox Television Shoutout (post-UK Beatbox Championships 2016)

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    D-Low’s Beatbox Television shout out after his success at the 2016 UK Champs was amazing, I think we can all agree. He brings a unique technicality and musicality with his immense soundboard.

    What was your favorite part?


    A side note: what do you guys think about Adam (BTV) uploading multiple sets in a single video from a beatboxer? In this context I definitely enjoyed it, and I don’t imagine it will become the norm. However, should this be a continuous things but only for special occasions?

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    Jon Park

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    To be completely honest, the first time I watched the video, I only watched the first section but love every fucking second of it. I feel like having multiple sets works for popular beatboxers like D-Low, but I’m not sure if it’ll work well with more up-and-coming guys unless they really blow you away in the first 30 seconds.

    But back to D-Low, his biggest criticism came with the lack of material and dull showmanship. This year, you could see it from top down that he wanted to take this home so bad. That battle against Contrix was one of the most intense battles I’ve ever watched.

    D-Low always had talent, and we all knew he’d make it. Although it might’ve taken longer than we expected, it’s good to see him at the top 🙂


    Jon Park

    R u enjoy?

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    One important thing that beatboxers seem to fail at pretty often is maintaining their key throughout their entire set. D-low stayed pretty spot-on throughout the whole thing!



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    This is one of my favorite videos. I just love how he incorporates his sounds, but it doesn’t sound like he’s just putting them in there for the sake of doing it. Every sound has a purpose. Every excellent beatboxer does this flawlessly, and D-Low is one of them.

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