How can I tell if I sound "correct" or "accurate"??

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    I recently started self-teaching beatboxing via Youtube tutorials (some of which I found here) and other online resources. So far I only have the most basic B, T, K sounds down pat (or so I thought). It wasn’t until recently when a friend told me I sounded nowhere near the “real deal” that I realized I have issues. I was quite disappointed at myself; I might be doing something wrong but I don’t see what or how.

    The thing is I can’t tell if I’m making the right sounds just by comparing my voice to the ones in the videos (and when I record my own voice the quality is usually really bad)

    Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in the area that’s into beatboxing and/or is offering lessons so I’m all on my own. Any tips or advice would help! Thanks a bunch 🙂

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