How do I market myself without it getting into my personal life?

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    Similar to BMG, I have a office type job but still beatbox with a passion and would love to do gigs and beatbox at events around me. Like this, I cannot really advertise and clog my personal timeline (Facebook) with pure beatbox posts and even though I have a fan page, I feel it is not enough to market myself.

    Any tips?


    Jon Park

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    This is a pretty dope question – I think there can be a mindful overlap between the two. I think being a beatboxer is a huge advantage in general, because it shows that you’re passionate about something outside of work and if you can integrate the two lives together, you’ll be in a great spot.

    I personally think you’ll just have to be more mindful about what you share – create a balance of non-beatbox content with beatbox content. If you plan on starting a beatbox career after work, then I’d suggest building a brand around you and that means whether you like it or not, having to bring those two lives together. Once your influence picks up, then it’s smart to work on a facebook page and what not – but for now I don’t think it’s a super huge issue. Work on building your YouTube channel with consistent content and building your core fan base, then really branch out.

    More than anything, it’s less about the quantity of posts you’re sharing and more about the quality and the originality of your content! Let me know if you need any help with anything!



    Jon Park

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