How do I start busking?

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    First off , you have to find out if you need a license to actually start busking.

    In some towns and cities you will need one of these licenses to actually operate and legally receive money from oncoming spectators. Without this , you can have your equipment taken away by the authorities and can prevent you from busking for good.
    Luckily , licenses are typically under 100$ a year to actually busk.

    After you receive the right paperwork , you will need the right equipment. You will need an amplifier and a dynamic mic and a sign to advertise yourself with your info in order to successfully make a name for yourself.

    Once you have all these things , you are officially ready to hit the streets and show your talent to the rest of the world.

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    Are there any age restrictions you know of?


    Crosswalks fear me.




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    Nope. As long as a parent or guardian is present within acquiring the license, you should be good to go (:


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    Having a busking buddy is super great for when you’re starting out. That way you can switch off with someone so you don’t overtire and get sloppy, and it’s also just always nice to have company.

    And this rule ESPECIALLY applies to females! I’ve only busked alone once and ended up having to leave early because of harassment I got from this random dude. So yeah, bring another beatboxer with you!



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    Even a non beatboxer would help. At school, when a random person asks me to drop a beat, I normally freeze up midway and choke. But when I’m freestyling around friends (who don’t beatbox, but know I do), my flow is a lot better, and I never miss a beat. So I think having friends with you when you busk, even if they don’t beatbox, would be really helpful

    Tryin to make a change :-\

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