How do you prepare yourself to be 100% before you get on stage.

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    I seem to have problems be 100% before I get on stage mostly during the winter time because my mouth feels really stiff. A lot of my style requires changing positions of my mouth relatively quickly and during events in the winter, I can’t even do them because my mouth seems so stiff. Am I the only one having problems with this? Any suggestions to keep your warm and not dry? I have tried hot tea but it makes my mouth dry for some reason. Maybe somebody has an exercise that warms your mouth muscles up to eventually be able to do quicker beats during the cold time. Share your suggestions so we can all benefit for future events!

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    Hmm if it’s cold in the area you’re performing, then yeah you should definitely do some warm-up exercises before you perform. Maybe do one of Alem’s tutorials real fast or something.


    If it’s not cold specifically where you’re performing, it probably just means you’re nervous or anxious about the performance. Our psych can have a huge effect on how dry and stiff your mouth is before/during a performance. Some tactics I use to combat this are:

    1) Take deep breaths. And not just like those shoulder/chest breaths, I mean like use your entire abdomen to breath. This sounds superrr cliché but it actually can really help.

    2) Go ahead and talk and joke with people right before you go on about completely unrelated thing. That can loosen your muscles up and also calm you down cuz you’re distracting yourself with bants.

    3) Tell yourself you got this! Don’t focus on messing up. Focus on how awesome you are and how hard you’ve worked to get to this point. Positive thinking can go a long way!

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