How to do TKKs and concerns with K

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    Hey guys I’ve been trying to learn how to do TKKs (hi hat, outward k, rim shot) fast combo. I’m wondering if there’s any impact on how I do rimshot. It seems like most people do rimshots using their tongue at their roof of their mouth, but I don’t.

    Also if anyone has any tips that helped them get this tech down all is appreciated.



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    How do you do your rimshots? I use my tongue at the roof of my mouth on the right hand side…

    And as for the tkK combo, I do an outward hi hat, an inward k , and a rimshot. I find it easier to do the inward k and rimshot in quick succession than the outward k and rimshot. The inward k and rimshot is the same as the double snare, or the gun cock noise that people like NaPoM use.

    If you can explain how it is that you do the rimshot, I might be able to give you some more specific advice

    Tryin to make a change :-\

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