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    Hello Everyone!

    I’ve been beatboxing for a while, but there’s a sound that I have never been able to really identify (and as a result, cannot do). It sounds kind of like the toms of a drum set, I think? I provided links to videos of beatboxers doing this sound in their routine below. (at the 1m 20sec mark) (from the 47sec mark to the 51sec mark)

    Are they just doing fast tk’s? I considered that possibility, but I feel like the timbre is a bit different… Maybe I’m just imagining things? Anyway, I would really appreciate it if somebody were willing to take the time to help me out.


    Jon Park

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    Hey there! So it seems like KRNFX is doing a combination like b-t-b-t-k-k. It sounds different because of the mic’s distortion. Hope it helps and good luck!

    Jon Park

    R u enjoy?

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