I'm stuck and I need someone to show me the path.

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    Dear all,

    I really don’t know where to start from, because i have a lot to say (bare with me).

    I’ve always been a fan of beatbox when i first time saw Eclipse beatboxing on YouTube. It got my attention, but that was it. Since my childhood I always made sounds with my mouth because i enjoyed it, but never tried to beatbox. From time to time, when I was taking showers i tried to beatbox, but you can imagine how a beatbox sounds without knowing what you are trying to do. Few weeks ago i discovered BunnyFluff beatboxing and i was hooked, i started to watch so many videos of beatboxing that i lost track of my time. Now I’m watching GBBB16/17, and I track so many videos and tutorials.

    I found HBB and red all the guides and tutorials few times. I’m in a process of learning how to beatbox for a week now and I think I’m doing it pretty well (at least i think so, because i really believe in myself). Few things pop up in my head that made me worry if I should proceed, one of them was my age. I’m 28 and I thought that i may be too old to start beatboxing, but i calmed my self, because there is no such thing as age in beatbox, right?

    I spend a lot of time after work learning to beatbox, learning patterns and learning how to technically beatbox, but i don’t know what else to do. I mean, i keep repeating those patterns over and over again, searched on the internet form new patterns, started to learn DnB patterns, but how do you proceed further? What should I do further? Once i learn and master those patterns how do you go further? What are you doing to get further? Do you write down your made up patterns, learn new sounds, create beats. I mean I don’t know how and what to do further. This is the reason i registered on the forums and seek for help.

    Kind regards,

    P.J – Lithuania



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    First off, welcome to the beatboxing community 🙂 and second, you can start at anytime so starting at 28 doesn’t matter in my opinion. And for me I learned most of my techniques from Youtube Tutorials though I try to learn by ear most of the time. Once you start learning and mastering techniques you can beatbox in front of friends and family, make videos on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc., Or you can join the HBB discord community. There’s also other options like local competitions and street performing (Also called busking). If you anymore questions email me at [email protected]. I’d be glad to help in anyway I can. Remember to never give up or doubt yourself as a beatboxer.

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    If anything , go on our Discord and let the community do its job. We will be glad to help a fellow noise maker start off there career right.

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