Is this website slow for you too?

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    Maybe because it is hosted through WordPress, it is slower than searching on Google/using Facebook, but I don’t know. Am I the only one who feels things take a long time to load?



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    Thanks for the feedback Choice — would love to shed some light on HBB’s speed situation. This is a WP-powered site built on an nginx stack, which avoids some of the superfluous requests that a traditional Apache server would otherwise cause. The site itself has changed hands like 5 times over the last 10 years so there are many weird old relics from previous CMSs and databases.

    The largest factor affecting HBB’s speed is our server; our (new version) site is young and we don’t yet have the resources to invest in a larger, quicker, dedicated droplet. So we commonly see 0.5 – 3 second pings, depending on where in the world our users are and at what time they visit the site.

    Moving forward though, I’ll be implementing the following upgrades to improve site speed:

    – Deprecation of site relics and moving resource-intensive media offsite (SoundCloud, etc.)
    – Better leveraging different layers of caching, including a true CDN and browser-caching
    – Better auto-compression of media that our amazing editorial team put together
    – Eventually, we’ll upgrade our hardware (server) stack

    Hope that answers the question :). Thanks for caring and being a member of our community dude!

    -Nate via HBB

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