My first freestyle. Any feedback on making my sounds louder/stronger?

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    Jon Park

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    Hey dude! This is a great first video – you’re a lot better than when I first started. The thing with volume is understanding how to do two things:

    1) Build your tongue + throat strength. This just takes lots of practice and pushing yourself (not to the point of pain) to develop the right muscles. We’ve got an article here that might help you with this.

    2) Using your diaphragm. Just like when you’re playing a woodwind or brass instrument, using your diaphragm is integral when creating more forceful sounds. Be sure to take in a deep breath, filling your diaphragm and push out forcefully on outward sounds. To grasp the concept, start off by placing your hand on your stomach, and feel the movements you make when you’re doing your routine. Now accentuate each of those movements and you’ll see a big difference.

    Hope this helped!

    Jon Park

    R u enjoy?



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    Nice first vid…jon park had sum good tips…another thing i’d suggest is keeping ur lips more tight…with better breathing through the diaphram you’ll find you need to open them less and close them quicker to keep your breathing controlled too so you’ll end up with less tail… for instance, u’d want more of a sudden peh than a peeeh, less of a pfffff than a pf…which tends to lead to crisper sounds.

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