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    I’ve been beatboxing for a little bit now and I’ve seen what sounds like a snare many times. NaPom does it frequently as long as other beatboxers, one being D-Low. All I know is that it makes a very distinct clean sound and they’re cheeks puff up when they do it, seems to be an outward snare. I know this is very vague, but I’m trying my best. Can anyone tell me the name or link me to a tutorial??



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    Search either spit snare or BMG/Döme snare.

    The sound is created by building A LOT of pressure behind your lips. If you did it lightly, it would sound like a Reeps one wub sound, or comparable to spitting watermelon seeds.

    Have either your lower or upper lip just slightly over the other lip. Build pressure. No lung power, all in the lips. It may sound like a sharp static-y sound. That’s the sound. Just work to make it tighter.

    This will take time and will make your mouth muscles sore. We will make a tutorial ourselves soon once mine sounds less like poop.

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