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    A few words of wisdom from my own experience in performances (not battles):

    (1) Try not to eat anything salty on the day of. Salty food => dry mouth, and a dry mouth is a bad one for beatbox.

    (2) The audience came to see a good show. Believe it or not, they want you to do well.

    (3) Following from point (2), this means if a beat you made is a little less than perfect, the audience is likely to not notice. The worst thing you can do is stop and say “Sorry I messed up”. Roll with it and keep a note for next time!


    Do you have any experiences that taught you a valuable lesson in performing? Please share your story!

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    Alex P

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    Stay calm! Before I go onstage I make sure I’m calm, cool, and collected. If I ever feel myself start to get nervous I take some deep breaths or, what actually works best for me, I go joke around and goof off with some friends for a minute. Nerves also equals a dry mouth and the last thing I want is for my K snares to sound anything less than perfect.


    Be into it! Body language is KEY so if you’re just standing there hunched over, unmoving, passively staring at the floor, then your audience isn’t gonna be into it no matter what you do. But if you have lots of energy and 100% own your beats, your audience will vibe with you.


    Those are my top tips!

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    I can agree with all of this advice, but in order to really kill the stage, you need to have routines. It doesn’t matter if you are the most technical beatboxer in your country, you need to have flow.

    Once you have your routines down set and memorized, you will dominate the competition. What Allotrope said, let your body do the talking and flow with yourself.

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    Green Beatbox

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    Agree with all of you guys.  Moving around the stage is important, as is synchronizing your actions with your beats.  If you watch the old Fatboys videos (or any other live old school rap shows, i.e. Tribe Called Quest), their comical, exaggerated actions and gestures are as much a part of their performance as the sound they produce.  Beatboxing is no different, I think.  In fact, moving your body in weird ways to the beat can enhance the illusion you’re trying to produce.

    A lot of Rahzel’s old videos are not very technical at all, nothing a modern experienced beatboxer couldn’t produce.  But he has huge stage presence.  He also uses silence effectively, and amps up the crowd, especially when does the melody to that white stripes song.

    At the risk of sounding like an old beatbox geezer, I believe modern day beatboxers have good stage presence, but not nearly what those of yesteryear used to have.  So the bottom line is, move around a lot and link your movements to your sound!

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