TRUNG BAO vs MARK MARTIN | Who do YOU think won? Was extra round needed?

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    I am interested in hearing your opinion on this years American Champs final.



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    Mark took it full force in my opinion. He didn’t repeat any material and came out hard n fresh for every round he participated in.


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    Trung  Bao should have taken it for sure. The man is insanely creative with his drops, is really innovative with his covers, and is just an overall beast. In addition, Mark’s singing, it’s a bit annoying. Singing is nice along with beatbox, it establishes a mood and allows you to sound somewhat different from the purely “instrumental” beatboxers but he did it so much it actually got annoying for me.


    Alex P

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    First of all, I think both beatboxers did extremely well. They were confident, powerful, and really demonstrated what it meant to be a US champ.

    I think Mark took the first round. It was original and clean. However, I don’t think he won by too much. He won that round, but it was a pretty tight battle. Second round, Trung Bao swept it. He was technical, strong, clean, and showed amazing stage presence. Based off that, I really don’t think a third round was necessary. However, the judges did so let’s go from there. It was a tight round but I think Mark took it. Trung Bao kinda lost his flow midway through and his sounds got a little sloppy, wheres Mark stayed clean and flowed well.

    Honestly, the battle was so tight that either one could have taken it and I would have been fine. It really came down to the judge’s preference: musicality vs technicality. And I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer for that.

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