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    Yo! Puls8 here to give you all a breakdown of the UK champs and what I considered were the highlights of the whole championships.

    (Make sure to catch all the videos from UK champs here):

    So it all kicked off with the Solo, Team and Loopstation Eliminations and Under 18’s Finals held in Bristol on the 2nd October.

    The full starting Line-up was as follows:

    Solo Eliminations

    – ABH Beatbox
    – Beatfox
    – Biggun
    – Blasby
    – Cooky
    – CR
    – D-Low
    – Experimental
    – GIO
    – Grystal
    – Heavy Treble
    – Jukey Jukebox
    – Kiwii
    – L
    – Layth
    – LDC
    – Madz
    – Maverick
    – Micbsounds
    – Midé Naike
    – MIDI Beatbox
    – Mikey Beats
    – Minamus
    – Napoleon
    – OGB
    – Pablo
    – Phants
    – Philippic
    – Pye
    – Redbeard
    – Reisus
    – Renegrade
    – Sel
    – Sid FX
    – Skilly Skillz
    – T-Pot
    – Tormented Vocals
    – Trey Qua
    – Tylos
    – Zerotone

    *Contrix through to the London finals (19th November) as returning reigning champion. Top 15 to join him in the finals*

    Team Eliminations

    – ABH & Contrix
    – A-Cloud
    – Bass²
    – Minamus & Pye
    – Subsonic & Micbsounds
    – Waveless

    *BURD through to the London finals (19th November) as returning reigning champion. Top 3 to join them in the finals*

    Loopstation Eliminations

    – Bebox
    – Blasby
    – Frack
    – Geeq
    – Heavy Treble
    – Motormouf

    *Oxbox through to the London finals (19th November) as returning reigning champion. Top 3 will join him in the finals*

    Top 16 Under 18’s Battle

    – Brandonk
    – Droplet
    – Epos
    – Frosty
    – Greef
    – iHeart
    – Jeddzy
    – Maish
    – Milky
    – Phoenix
    – Silent soundz
    – Sino
    – Sonorous
    – Taylor
    – Throat-Killer
    – Voxx

    The Bristol eliminations were awesome, meeting and jamming with the whole crew always gets me hyped and it was great to see new faces in the scene! There were however a few moments that stood out to me:

    – Redbeard (the under 18’s UK champ 2015) took part in the eliminations for the Main finals. During his elimination, he dropped an insane routine that not only got the whole crowd hyped, but his sub-bass was so heavy that it pushed one of the presenters’ glass of beer off a table near all the electrical equipment! Unfortunately, this was cut off from the end of his elimination video on YouTube but the feeling will always give me goosebumps!
    – I’ve been an avid watcher of beatbox battles on YouTube for years but experiencing it live is a whole different experience, and the under 18’s finals (Frosty vs Epos) was an epic example of this. Never have I seen such energy spat out into a microphone! These two were absolute machines, must have been a tough decision for the judges, both participants gave it their all! Congrats to both! Frosty the 2016 Under 18’s UK champion and Epos the Vice champion and a strong contender for the 2017 title!
    – Big ups to all the participants but if I had to choose newcomers that stood out to me, Brandonk’s musicality and Droplet’s click techniques were incredible to say the least!

    Moving onto the Finals held in London on the 19th November:


    Solo – Top 16

    • Contrix Defending Champ
    • ABH
    • BeatFox
    • CR
    • D-Low
    • Experimental
    • Heavy Treble
    • Layth
    • Maverick
    • RedBeard
    • Renegrade
    • Sel
    • SidFX
    • Skilly Skillz
    • Trey Qua
    • Zerotone

    Teams – Top 4

    • BURD Defending Champs
    • A-Cloud
    • ABH & Contrix
    • Waveless

    Loopstation – Top 4

    • Oxbox Defending Champ
    • Bellatrix
    • Heavy Treble
    • Motormouth


    UK Beatbox Champion 2016: DLow! (Previously under 18’s UK champ 2014)
    Vice Champion: ABH
    UK Tag Team Champion 2016: BURD (2 time tag team champions)
    Vice Tag Team Champions 2016: ACloud
    Loopstation Champion: Bellatrix
    Vice Loopstation Champion: Heavy Treble

    Where do I even begin with this, such a crazy final! From crazy sounds thrown all around the venue to backflips to side-flips and badass bottle catches mid battle! The finals weren’t just beatbox battles, they were all round entertainment for everyone, beatboxers and non-beatboxers! So here are my highlights for the finals:

    – BURD with an awesome mashup of some UK garage and jungle classics! They wowed the crowd, bringing so much energy and dance to the floor!

    – It was my first time seeing Heavy Treble perform, very skilled musician on the RC505! Dropping all sorts of musicality and making great use of delays!

    – DLOW! CONTRIX! What a battle! Rivalry at its greatest here, they had already battled once before during the 2015 UK Championships. Contrix triumphed over DLow last year so no doubt DLow returned this year for his revenge. A moment to remember for sure, the pair didn’t just have an ordinary beatbox battle but a Parkour battle, both backflipping on stage against each other! Keep an eye out for the full battle on UK Beatbox Championships’ youtube channel!

    – ABH! BEATFOX! More entertainment thrown at us! So you all must be aware of the fairly recent trend of bottle throwing right? Getting it to land perfectly as it flips majestically in the air? To get straight to the point, ABH takes a sip from Beatfox’s water bottle during Beatfox’s round, Beatfox points out that it’s his bottle mid-round, so the NBA player ABH displays his basketball handles with a sexy behind-the-back bottle throw followed by Beatfox’s one-handed catch mid-beatbox! Maybe it’s just me and I get too easily impressed but for me that was hype bruh! Words aren’t enough to explain the bad-assery of that battle! Again, keep an eye out for the full battle on UK Beatbox Championships’ YouTube channel!

    Lastly, a huge shoutout to the Beatbox Collective and the whole team behind the UK champs, the Press Launch and Experimental for opening his home to us for a beatbox jam! Well that concludes this post, there is so much more to talk about from battles to beatbox jams, beatbox afterparties to meeting your childhood beatbox heroes and last but not least, ESH. And I shall end it on that note.

    Puls8. (Beatbox International)

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