Where do you draw inspiration from?

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    Which beatboxers inspire you the most? How about musical artists, or even beyond, in general?

    Feel free to share videos too!




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    I am a tech man myself, so I draw inspiration from HeAt, Alem, BRP, ZeDe, Alem, and CLR. I just eat up intricate combos and patterns like candy.

    But I also have a hint of lower end basses, shadow sumo, and melodies from Two H, B-Art, and Slizzer.



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    I really admire people like Gene and Sh0h for their musicality, especially Sh0h because he has such a great flow and groove to his beats.

    I also love Alem and his super clean technical beats, which even if I can’t replicate, they do push me to try and get cleaner and faster. Ball Zee is also a big inspiration because he is always so laid back, he makes complex, crisp beats seem effortless. I want to reach that stage myself, where I can lay down a world class beat without breaking a sweat.

    Other than that, I’ve been listening to music from around the world recently, because different cultures and countries have different styles of music. From this, you can make new beats with unique rhythms that most people won’t have heard before

    Tryin to make a change :-\

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