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5 buskers to check out if you liked Voltak

Sydney busker's viral hit!

We have seen this video floating around Facebook.

It's of Voltak, an Australian musician and beatboxer. Many are praising Voltak for his incredible street performance and we love it!

Many in the beatbox community also street perform (called “Busking”, a performer is known as a “Busker”). More recognition for these Buskers mean more professional gigs and more donations for their performance.

Here are 5 beatbox buskers that are just as talented as Voltak!

Fredy Beats

Fredy Beats is the 2x Spanish Beatbox Champion and till just recently was one London’s regular street performers. Fredy has an incredible stage presence and can make any audience laugh and have a good time.

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Gene Shinozaki

Gene is a widely celebrated beatboxer and a regular busker in the NYC parks and metros. He originally busked on the streets of Boston but later moved with his band in Brooklyn, The Beatbox House

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Beatfox is a London Beatboxer and a regular busker and performer across Europe. A video of him busking went viral when the local police tried to stop his performance.

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Verbal Ase

One of NYC’s best underground performer (literally!). Verbal Ase has traveled the JZ line more than Jay-Z and and probably more money off the line as well!

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If you were wondering, yes, there are female beatbox buskers as well! Listen to the UK’s favorite busker, Kimmy, who went viral with her street performance. She and fellow London busker, Beatfox, performed together in the 2017 UK Beatbox Championships. 

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Busker Enjoyment Etiquette

Dont try to take the mic and perform with them
Many buskers are working, this is their means of a living. Also, a beatboxer is quite intimate with their mic (them boots and cats makes the mic extra “spitty”). Sharing mics is not hygienic in a public setting. Some buskers have a second mic for audience participation.

If you film them, tip them
This performance is for the public, so don't feel that you are recording a bootleg concert video. Still, you are recording their performance, something they worked very hard to create, so a fiver should be a minimum.

Clap and cheer
It takes guts to perform to a crowd. Show them they are doing a good job!

Meet Voltak!

If you are in Australia, come support the Australian Beatbox Championships and meet Voltak! He will be showcasing at the event and you will meet the Aussie Beatbox Fam! 

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