• A-Z Glossary Terms

    A-Z Glossary Terms With so many beatbox terms to remember, here are all the terms in the glossary organized in alphabetical order! # A B C D E F G ...
  • Breath Control

    Breath control is the art of maintaining the flow of inward and outward air while beatboxing, allowing the beatboxer to essentially continue beatboxing without losing breath. This is usually done ...
  • Esh defined.


  • Swish

    Swish Beatbox, or Swish for short, is a comedy youtube channel run by beatboxer Elias Na, also known as Eon. Starting as a parody account poking fun at beatboxers and ...
  • Mahnie defined.


    Mahnie is joke term used in the beatbox community generally describing something as good. The term was conceived when Honeycomb and Patrick Cucuta were going to a music festival. While on the road, ...
  • Middle School defined.

    Middle School

    Middle school or "middle skool" refers to the ambiguous style that stands in the transitional period between old school and new school beatbox. Beatbox styles are very fluid and should ...
  • New school defined.

    New School

    New school or "new skool" refers to a style that is contemporary or modern. New school beatbox describes the beatboxing style birthed during the "internet revolution." Taking less of the ...
  • Old school defined

    Old School

    Old school or "old skool" refers to something that is traditional, old-fashioned, or of the first generation. In beatboxing, it describes the "rhythm machine" styles of Darren 'Buffy' Robinson, Doug E. Fresh ...
  • Looper defined.


    A Looper is anyone who performs using a loop station or "livelooping." Some of the most notable Loopers include Tioneb, Thorsen, Faya Braz, MB14, Wawad, and Mando.
  • Biting defined.


    Biting is the hip hop term of when one beatboxer steals a routine from another beatboxer without giving them credit. Although sharing of sounds and routines are highly encouraged in ...