Swissbeatbox is one of the fastest growing Youtube channels in the beatbox community, showcasing talented beatboxers from all over the world by filming their own shoutouts, but also hosting several beatboxers to send in their own clips themselves. They also host a yearly championship called the Grand Beatbox Battle, and also cover other beatbox tournaments as well.

Swissbeatbox was founded in 2006 by Killian from Switzerland. In 2008, Pepouni joined the team to push the community through video content. With a high demand for universal content, the once German-focused channel was pivoted into an English speaking one to tend to the international community.

They are now reaching beyond 300k subscribers and continue to grow and push the beatbox community forward.

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    […] held every three years by Beatbox Battle TV and the annual Grand Beatbox Battle hosted by Swissbeatbox. There is also an incredibly large online community with beatboxers congregating on servers such […]

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