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Colaps' Rise to Fame and the Rise of Lifestyle Beatbox Content

I have been begging to see diverse content on beatbox channels for ages now. While we, HumanBeatbox, have experimented with new formats, we’ve rarely seen beatboxers create content outside of the local beatbox shoutouts and event recaps.

The tide is now changing - and it’s really frickin’ exciting.

Quality is improving, creative collaboration is increasing, and the spectrum beatbox expression is widening. While we’re eager to see more diversity in beatbox content, no channel development has been more exciting than Colaps’.

About Colaps’ YouTube Channel

Colaps has raked in over 2 million views with only 12 videos on his channel. His videos have made waves around the world, with the view counts validating his path to success. On his channel, the French international posts a creative series of videos including “I asked EPIC beatboxers to recreate…,” where he creates a beat and asks famous beatboxers to recreate them.

While his video formula may seem simple, and perhaps heavily inspired by Davie504, Colaps’ execution must be respected. The perfectly-timed memes and sound effects all feel so natural and flow like melted butter.

This isn’t easy stuff. Trust me, I’ve tried (and it was nothing but cringey).

The Birth of Beatbox Lifestyle Content

I think it’s time for us to drop the notion that every piece of content we create is 100% original. Genius is derived from taking two unrelated pieces of art and transforming it into something new.

I believe Colaps is creating a new category of beatbox content -- something I like to call Beatbox Lifestyle Content.

Beatbox lifestyle content provides depth to our artform. Traditionally, beatbox videos have only shown what beatboxers are like solely on-stage or in a studio. We’ve been drilled to see and hear beatboxers from strictly one angle - shoutouts, battles, and studio sessions.

Content like Guess that Beatboxer and Colaps’ videos present our artists in an entirely new light, adding massive depth, personality, and relatability to the beatboxers we’ve all grown to love.

While it’s easy to predict Colaps’ upward trajectory, we’re excited to see who he will inspire next. Just think about the vlogs, interviews, and more personable pieces of content that will come out of this new wave of beatbox lifestyle content.


If you want to check out what Colaps is working on, check out his YouTube channel here. Be sure to subscribe, and comment on his videos. Bonus points if you comment “HBB sent me here!”

Cheers beatbox family - we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us!


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