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Hiss' Beatbox Remixes Deserve More Recognition

It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of the beatbox community.

Beatboxers today are thinking far less about routines and more about compositions. The level of knowledge and depth our artists have gathered today is breeding new interpretations of our beloved art form We, as both creators and fans, are privileged to be able to listen to these groundbreaking creations every single day, to the point where I feel like we’re even complacent about the work that goes behind them.

Nonetheless, I want to highlight one of my favorite interpretations of the art form: beatbox remixes.

How it All Started

Ironically, beatboxing was coined by Doug E Fresh when he tried to replicate sounds from a machine. Today, the script is flipped and machines are being used to sample beatboxing sounds.

Sampling beatbox sounds have been a common practice for decades, but it only got really fun once Uruz got involved. If you’ve been around the community over a decade ago, you probably remember Uruz’s little video samples, which came out around the same time beatboxers really started honing in on their iconic routines.

Beatbox Legends Sampled Into A Song = URUZ

Incredible work by Uruz - Beatbox! 🔥🔥

Posted by HUMANBEATBOX.COM on Friday, January 13, 2017

Hiss’ Remix is the Future

I must admit, I was very skeptical when I first clicked on Hiss’ remixes a few months back. There’ve been plenty of attempts to do the same thing in the weird parts of YouTube.

After I begrudgingly clicked through to one, I found myself lost in every single one of his videos, listening to every remixed track. In a sense, I feel like I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much if I weren’t part of the community, but digress.

If Hiss’ meteoric rise within the battling community says anything, it’s that his production skills can follow suit. That’s a wonderfully scary thought - and perhaps a career move that will propell Hiss to new heights.

One of my personal favorites is Hiss’ rendition of Audical’s riddim routine.

Close in second is Trung Bao’s Venom.

We’ve seen Hiss’ uncanny ability to copy beatboxer’s unique routines in the past through his hour-long ‘beatbox copy medley’ videos and Facebook live streams. I don’t think people really understand the genius required to understand the musical intricacies of every single ‘copy’ or remix.

Hiss’ understanding of these routines shines through his music as if he’s gone into the original creator’s mind and translated these beatbox routines into beautiful compositions - just as if the original creator envisioned it in their heads.

That’s why these remixes are so incredible. They stay true to the emotion and swagger of the original composition, while tastefully balancing his unique spin on it as well.

Where This Will Go

The fact that beatboxers are capable of crafting such fantastic sounds is what keeps us all excited about our art form. Fresh, creative interpretations of beatbox shouldn’t be taken for granted and absolutely deserve your support.

If you want Hiss to continue creating these videos, subscribe to his YouTube channel here and use the hashtag #HissRemix on your favorite beatbox videos.

Which one is your favorite? Comment below, and let us know :).

Until next time, HumanBeatbox family!

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