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Bionicologists create music by mixing human beatbox and new technologies.

Ezra and L.O.S, two of the best representatives of French beatbox, join forces in a show combining musicality, interaction and performance. Like multi instrumentalists or DJs, they create sound material that they are free to transform at will thanks to a unique machine programmed for them. Progressively becoming bionic, they become infinitely manifold, creating entrancing and percussive orchestrations that they control from their fingertips. On the edges of hip hop beats, electronica, funk grooves and powerful bass propelled by the warmth of soul and the swing of jazz, they bring a rich style peppered with textual interludes and quirky voices.

Intrigued and motivated by experimental practices and a constant search for novelty, Bionicologists take you on a journey in an eclectic universe pushing the limits of vocal art.


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