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4th International Beatbox Convention

18-20th April 2008

The Science behind Beatboxing teamed up with Boxcon08 and the Science Museum's Dana Centre for a special project looking into the science behind beatboxing, culminating in a presentation at the 2008 International Human Beatbox Convention.

We wanted to find out what on earth is going on inside a beatboxer's vocal cords, mouth, body and brain, to monitor beatboxers' stress levels during performance as well as discover a little more about the health implications of beatboxing on the voice.

A special FREE event took place in the build up to Boxcon08 at the London Science Museum's Dana Centre on Thursday 27 March 2008. Volunteers took to the stage to do battle whilst being hooked up to a series of monitors, measuring heart rate, breathing and stress levels. There were also talks, performances and interactive workshops.

There was also a special film incorporating the findings of the Science Museum event with two special Laboratory visits, where scientists John Rubin, Dr Ruth Epstein and Professor David Howarth hooked up beatboxers to all manner of equipment in an effort to find out more about their mysterious musical ways.

The film was screened on Sunday April 20th at the 2008 International Human Beatbox Convention.

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