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CNBC - China Beatbox Championship 2017

CNBC China Beatbox Championship (2017)

China Unites to Write Beatbox History

CNBeatbox is making headway in the China scene, setting up CNBC as one of the biggest battle for a lot of reasons. China has some of the biggest turnouts with way too many amazing beatboxers going through eliminations.

The Chinese scene combats a problem that most other communities have never faced: too many talented beatboxers signing up for eliminations.

But this is a big battle for another reason. The organization is the result of a collaboration of some 30+ groups making up the vast China Beatbox scene.

In addition, CNBeatbox also includes China Loopstation, which is a subset organization has free loopstation tutorials on their Youtube Channel in Mandarin.

The Results:


Here are the details

Where: Da Lian city, China


August 11, 2017 at 3:00 PM: Workshop at BdreaM Studio

Located at: DaLian Kaifaqu YuanYangShidaicheng 4Qi Xian Dai Shang Jie 1-9 


$25 USD includes BBQ, Beer, KTV, Table tennis, Mahjong, Beatbox, Microphone, loudspeaker, and one night sleep (one bed


August 12, 2017: CNBC Battle at 2:00 PM

Located at: ShaHeKouQu BinHaiXiLu N583

August 13, 2017: After Party and 7-to-Smoke-Battle

Located at: TOP9 Bar MinZhuGuangChang at 7:00 PM


Shadow Sumo K.I.M. | 2011 French Beatbox Champion

Gene Shinozaki | 2015 Grand Beatbox Champion

Tioneb | 2012 Boss Loopstation Winner

GuiJing | Chinese beatbox godfather

Nicky Liu | First Chinese Female Beatboxer to compete in World Champs

The competitors:


For more info:

Facebook Page | Event Page

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