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What is Music (WIM) Beatboxing Course

Course in Live Looping, Vocal Percussion and Songwriting

24th July - 2nd August 2015

Course Details:

This course takes place at WIM (What Is Music), the first International Meeting of Music and Arts celebrated in Spain.
Over a period of 10 days 250 musicians and other artists gather for courses, workshops and performances. Every participant chooses a course.

Sanni and Arystan have compiled an extensive but compact program; in six days it will not only broaden your rhythmic horizon, but will also open your mind on which other new sounds you can create with your voice. If you want to widen your knowledge of arranging and composing as well, you’ll also get a lot of input.

The core question of the workshop is, “How can I focus my musical ideas and make music with the loop-station, that also sounds convincing?”

We will show you: how to build a fat beat with relatively simple means; what to pay attention to in timing; how to arrange a loop-song; how to place the voices and loops, so that the song never becomes static and always stays in motion; which effects, like compressors, EQs or delays, are appropriate for giving your musical idea the suitable sound qualities; and of course many tips and tricks all about making music with the loop-station.

Sanni and Arystan are not only established musicians, but also experienced teachers, who will take you forward no matter your current level.

All in all, an all-round intensive course for ALL musicians, who are already using the loop-station, who are planning to do so, or anyone who wants to learn something new about these topics in general. We are looking forward to meeting you!

WIM Beatboxing Course


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