Beatbox - The Movie

Independent movie starring Curtiss Cook Jr., Ana Kayne, McCaleb Burnett, Joe Lisi, Samantha Massell and Akim Funk Buddha as himself.

Note: The current trailer is a showcase with temporary music. An official trailer is currently being edited and should be launched in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

Plot Outline

BEATBOX, a fresh and lively new film that takes place in the world of beatboxing, is set in Brooklyn—New York's musical epicenter. The film follows Pete, a 20-something DJ and musician, whose day job is delivering beer for his girlfriend's family business. But come night, our underdog hero is in his makeshift home recording studio, laying down beats.

Soon after he meets a mysterious record company owner, and Pete is introduced to the world of Brooklyn beatboxing and to the lovely singer/beatboxer Rye. Culminating in a national beatbox championship where performers face-off and collaborate, BEATBOX is a sure-to-please musical journey with a big heart, with virtuoso, ear-popping beatbox performances, beautiful cinematography, and charismatic performances from the actors.


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