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BEATBOXGREECE.COM is the first online platform for human beatbox in Greece. Its creation came as an evolution of the already existing BEATBOX GREECE TV (YouTube Channel), with beatbox art and protagonists from Greece and the rest of the world, to be the main theme.

The channel was created in 2009 by Greek beatboxer El Pap Chico, member of Word of Mouth, initially under the name BEATBOX2GREECE aiming to present the art of human beatbox and Greek Beatbox community to the general public, but also as a voice of Greek beatboxers abroad.

Along with the rapid development of the art in the world and in Greece, the need to create a web spot was generated, which will gather all the content and public attention, resulting the emergence of Greek beatbox scene.

Working with web designer - developer and beatboxer John Sioulis a.k.a. STEREO, our goal became reality.

Through hard work in October 2013 BEATBOXGREECE.COM is online.

BEATBOX GREECE's innovative seminar series for adults, children and professional musicians, the production of GREEK BEATBOX CHAMPIONSHIP every year, the booking ability service for any Greek beatboxer in our videos and the exclusive news and videos of BEATBOX GREECE TV, are the highlights of the node.

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