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Clop and Hollow Clop

Clops and Hollow Clops

The clop is the sound when the tongue hits the bottom of the mouth hard enough to make a sound. This sound can range in difficulty based on whether if this was a sound discovered naturally, as the muscles in the tongue may need to be built up. 

The difference between the clop and hollow clop is the clop is with the throat closed, while the hollow clop is done with the throat open. 

Pro Tip: Practice pitching the clop and hollow clop. The "pretending to drink water" sound is done by starting with a low hollow clop and slowly going higher in pitch. 

How it's done

  1. Say "lah" while dragging your tongue across the roof of your mouth 
  2. Extend that till your tongue hits the bottom of your mouth
  3. Repeat the motion without raking the top of your mouth first, aim to hit the bottom of your mouth harder
  4. Practice till you hear a clopping sound (this can take a while based on how foreign this sound is to you)
  5. Switch between a clop and a hollow clop by opening or closing your throat

Video tutorial

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