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12 Problems All Beatboxers Understand

We've got 99 problems, but BBK ain't one

Hate it when your lips start getting chronically dry during the winter or when you do the most complicated sounds or routines and your friends are only impressed by your throat bass? Yeah, we’ve been there too.

We asked our community from our Facebook discussion group about what problems they’ve faced as beatboxers, and they delivered. This is beyond #relatable.

1. When you get on the mic and do an inward sound and you taste what the person before ate for dinner

Fat Tony Ashfield

Yup. We've all been there. Sharing mics is probably one of the most disgusting and unhygienic aspects of beatboxing but heck, we're all family right? Right guys?


2. When it’s winter and your lips are destroyed. “WHERE IS THE F*CKING CHAPSTICK?”

When you get on the mic and do an inward sound and you taste what the person before ate for dinner

Regular people don't know the struggles of being a beatboxer during the winter. It goes beyond having chapped lips, especially when you start getting that weird red part above your lips and you keep licking it and it keeps getting bigger and bigger until you end up having this weird red rashy mustache. I feel you, Madox. I feel you.


3. When only the bathroom has the perfect acoustics

Bathroom Beatbox

by Caleb Titus (CTB)

This is where all the best routines come from. Extra long showers, using all the hot water, and lots of Snapchats on the toilet. There's no place like the bathroom.

4. But the train is good too

Subway beatbox

By Madox

Well, unless you're like us here in New York where either you can't hear a thing or someone is going to tell you to shut your dirty mouth. Life must be nice abroad!


5. You never think about how you look while beatboxing until someone is watching you through a window

Beatbox window

Especially when you're practicing spit snares while you're driving. The guy stopping at the red light next to you is just going to see a huge fan of spit spraying out of your mouth or think you're having a stroke when you're practicing your lip rolls.



6. When you inhale and do an inward k without thinking

Inward k

I've seen so many beatboxers make beatbox noises through involuntary bodily functions. Esh snare when sneezing, inward bass when breathing in, nasal bass when snoring. We are incredible creatures indeed.


7. When you do inward sounds in the shower and almost die

Inward shower

Yeah, just like how trying to beatbox underwater is just a one way ticket to the E.R.


8. When you say esh and no one understands </3


This is probably the sadd-esh-t one of all. Esh unites us.


9. When you do complex techniques but non-beatboxers prefer throat bass and kicks

Throat bass

That's why when people ask you to start beatboxing, you pull out the basic EDM 4/4 beat with some sick throat bass. Throw in a few bongo sounds and you'll really blow them away.


10. When your best friends tell you to shut up all the time until they want to impress someone and show you off


Or when your friends tell you to shut up all the time but whenever they see a beatboxer busking or performing they Snapchat you.


11. When you learn a new sound and you repeat that sound the whole day

New sounds

This is also the best way to piss off your parents or roommates, but you just shake it off and reply, "esh."


12. When a beatbox video goes viral and all your non-beatbox friends are messaging it to you/posting it on your wall


But we can't get enough of B-Art beatboxing with the baby!

Got more?

Have a funny moment or want to share a #beatboxerproblem? Let us know in the comments below. And like always, thank you for liking and sharing!


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