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malaysian wonderkids | top 10 beatbox videos of the week

Malaysian Wonderkids! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Nerds, prodigies, collabs, and plenty of bass in this week’s videos!

Hello and welcome this week’s exciting top 10 beatbox videos of the week. We’ve got plenty of incredible videos to share with you - so let’s get right on it.

12. Nerds beatbox in the Hood

Our buddy oZealous teams up with Big Daws TV once again to beatbox on the streets, but this time, they take it to Compton where they surprise random passersby and even start jamming. Well worth going viral!

11. Beatbox House | Freestyle

The Beatbox House enters NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert competition in typical Beatbox House Style. Fresh beats, NaPoM’s beautiful bangs, and Kenny Urban’s throat flute makes it all  

10. Spectrax v BBK

The immovable object BBK battles the unstoppable force named Spectrax in this super entertaining spectacle of a battle. If you thought this was fun to watch, experiencing this whole charade was absolutely incredible live. Both of these guys showed immense power and showmanship - truly a refreshing experience.

9. Alem & Inertia | Trap & Technique

Alem’s fascination with new school beatboxers is genuinely motivating as he continues to push his craft forward. This video only shows that - this time he teams up with one of his personal favorite beatboxers, Inertia, in this immense combination of energy.

8. Epic Beatbox Cypher! Ft. HeAt, Codfish, oZealous, TylaDubya, D-Low

HeAt is bringing straight fire to the beatbox community by teaming up with the YouTube powerhouses in super high quality cypher. Love everything about this one, especially the impeccable audio quality and the branding! Can’t wait to see more.

7. D-Low | Beatbox International

The 2016 UK beatbox champion is back at it, this time for Beatbox International. He shows us exactly why he’s won that title - absolutely incredible. Big ups, Dan!

6.  Marshmello Alone (Beatbox & Launchpad Remix) | By HeartGrey

HeartGrey kicks his famous beatbox and launchpad combo up ten notches in this beautifully constructed Marshmello remix. Talk about coordination!

5. Summit Final | Charlie Shin v KOMODO

I got to capture last night's Beatbox finals and they were the definition of ill. Many props to the students in Tekstyles, and Buzzbeats for putting together an awesome competition.

Posted by Kadeef Sanders on Saturday, January 28, 2017

BuzzBeats a collegiate beatbox organization at Georgia Tech hosts an annual beatbox battle down south and have done immense work growing the beatbox scene down there. Run by Choicebeats, KevinwithaK, and Premonition, they recently hosted one of their best events yet. You’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off of this one!

4. Grace Savage | MEDUSA

Let it be known - Grace Savage never disappoints. We’re so glad that she’s continuing to push her art and making amazing videos like this one. She’s on track to releasing her very first EP and needs all the help she can get. Be sure to support her with whatever you can here!

3. Gene & Pro Whistler

2. Malaysian Prodigies

Someone sent me this on whatsapp. I think these kids are awesome! Would love to meet you boys some day! Anyone know which school they are from?Updated: heard they from Sabah!

Posted by Shawn Lee on Friday, January 27, 2017

This video was shared by Shawn Lee on Facebook and this elicited two responses from us: shock and pride. The bar is being raised by the day, but it makes us proud to see these kids absolutely tear it up at such a young age. Keep an eye out for these kids!

1. Blast That Sub!

This is single-handedly one of the best beatbox videos ever produced. Madox teams up with B-Art and Trung Bao in this massive track served on a beautiful golden platter. Everything about this is beautiful!

Missed any?

And that’s it for this week. Let us know if we missed any and let us know what your favorite was! Like always, thanks for liking and sharing :).

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