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Sound Scout: False AutoTune

Sound Like Daft Punk Without AutoTune

On June 2017, Gabriel C. Brown posted a video of himself imitating 23 different singers. But it was his impression of electronic music legends, Daft Punk, that left us amazed.

That seven-second snipped we wanted to show you were of Gabriel faking an autotune vocals from Daft Punk’s popular song “One More Time.” And while Brown is not a beatboxer, he has stumbled on an amazing idea.

How to Do a False AutoTune

The sound is produced when syllables that shift in pitch are pronounced through the sides of the mouth. The trick is to switch sides of the mouth mid-pronunciation of the same syllable during the pitch shift. This creates a quick break covering the pitch shift, creating the auto-tune-like effect.

The lip movement is the biggest challenge as pronunciation is skewed. This makes the line “One More Time” Pronounced as “Wu-un Mo-ore Tie-ime” with the dash (-) being the transition.

Why This is Next Level

Though this isn’t the most revolutionary technique, it works. The effect isn't hard to achieve but does require some serious practice as it goes against your natural speaking instincts. 

Similar sound effects include the "throat tap" or the "double voice." Both techniques use pitch shifts to create a digital-like sound effect. 

The throat tap is physically tapping the throat to create a jump in pitch. The False AutoTune requires no hands though a throat tap doesn't require adjusting the melody. 

And False AutoTune is much easier to learn than the double voice, which requires the user to master fundamental yodeling techniques. Though singers outside of the beatbox community are taking notice of yodeling as a way to fake auto-tuning. 

Maybe learning how to yodel will be advantageous...

Do You Know Any New Sounds?

It seems like new sounds are discovered every day. And beatboxers should take notice! 

In the meantime, do you know a new sound that you want us to explore? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for the next sound scout!

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  1. Tylord88 16 March, 2018 at 11:04

    Hey, I’ve got a pretty unique snore bass that I can do with percussion sounds and I haven’t really seen anyone do it like I do it. Is there a way I can contact you so I can break it down?

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