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SoFar Sounds Beatbox

Top 9 'SoFar Sounds' Beatbox Performances

Beatboxers showcase all their best routines in intimate settings.

SoFar Sounds is a unique movement where people from 319 cities across the globe host mini concerts in the comfort and intimacy of their homes and apartments. These shows present amazing opportunities to discover new artists, especially due to the fact that lineups are kept a secret - so you’ll come in never really knowing what you’ll get.

They’ve proudly hosted numerous beatboxers in the past and continues to help beatboxers garner greater exposure to super receptive audiences. We’ve gone ahead and chosen our favorite nine videos. Hope you enjoy!

9. Bloomer | Laugh Attack

Beatboxing itself is foreign to most people and Bloomer’s style is new to even the beatbox community, so we can only imagine the mix of emotions that the audience was going through. However, we shouldn’t take away Bloomer’s exceptional performance and showcase ability of his unique style - a perfect set showing exactly what he has to offer.

8. Chris & Kaila | F*ck

Chris and Kaila join forces and asks the audience to suggest a few words so that they can improvise a song together. And because they’re in New York City, it only makes sense that someone suggested an expletive. We at HBB loved this bit mostly because of Kaila’s impressive ability to improvise, but also the collective synergy that these two share. As a commenter points out, Chris is the perfect beatboxer to jam with. Clean.

7. Mike Lackey | Falling

Released on July 15th, Mike Lackey performs his signature original routine “Falling,” in Dallas. Lackey tells a story by brilliantly arranging new school techniques in this fun arrangement. This performance has everything you need: clarity, musicality, and storytelling. The crowd’s reaction says it all!

6. Amy Leon | Ft Grace Savage & Kaila Mullady

Although a beatboxer isn’t at the forefront of this performance, Grace Savage and Kaila’s freestyle session shows the versatility of beatbox. Our instrument can complement a wide range of styles and they do that brilliantly here - leaving us with the feels.

5. BeatFox

BeatFox sticks to his dirty battle-style in this brilliant showcase, with his music firmly juxtaposed in this intimate setting. Although his famous grimey vibration bass stands out as an impressive element of his routines, his intricate attention to detail is what elevates this performance above the rest.

4. Dharni & K-Leah | Say My Name

The slickest singer-beatboxer duo kicks it up a notch in Warsaw, covering and remixing the popular song “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child. As one of the commenters on the video points out, their chemistry is best indicated by their ability to balance each other out - being on the same wavelength where one never really overpowers the other. Although the effects are heavy on this one, it still goes down as a favorite.

3. FredyBeats | I Can’t Wait

With an unstoppable itch to create this piece, Fredy tells his story through his music - a performance straight from the top shelf, embodying all the qualities of a perfect showman.

2. Bellatrix | In My Yard

Serving as the backbone of the Beatbox Collective, Bellatrix continuously shows her creative versatility through her looping, bass-playing, and craft outside of typical battles. We rank this as number two mainly due to her ability to think outside of the standard confines of what beatbox is about: using it as a tool for curating beautiful music.

1. Reeps One | Closed Eyes

You can’t mention SoFar sounds without mentioning Reeps One. This platform provided an opportunity for Reeps to showcase his craft outside of his creative comfort zone, resulting in this acoustic masterpiece. His performances at SoFar laid down the foundations for his unprecedented sets that he’s crafted beyond the traditional battle-style - setting an example for beatboxers globally and inspiring thousands to do the same. Legendary.

Which one is your favorite?

Tell us which is your favorite in the comments below and thanks for liking and sharing, beatbox family!



  1. Firenzi Odd 8 March, 2017 at 09:07

    Thank you very much! I enjoyed every single video and totally understand why these are your favorites. Reeps One unprecedented as always. The legend that he is inspiring so many, he’ll always be my number one! 🙂

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